How To Get Into Your Dream College

Find your own “Admissions Angle” to stand out from the competition.

Learn how to differentiate yourself in a sea of applicants

Reflect on high school experiences to mine for essay content so that your essays feel like YOU

Choose schools and programs that are a good fit AND will appreciate your unique merits

Initiate this complicated process of managing deadlines, strategizing, applying for financial aid, and more

Free Webinar Reveals The 4 Myths Of College Admissions And What You Can Do To Get In To Your Dream College.

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Admissions Angle is hosting a free webinar that will reveal the most common misconceptions behind the college admissions process, and what you can do to overcome the odds and gain admission to your dream university. 

We will dispel the following myths that many people believe, such as: 

“Colleges only care about your GPA and test score.”

"My mom’s friend’s kid did (insert activity here), so that’s why they got into (insert school here).”

"It’s too late to improve my application.”

"Other kids are doing their applications on their own.”

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